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Quicken Error OL-221-A is appearing on your screen at the time of program installation? Don’t worry. Here is an advanced tech guide to help you in fixing the same. This major issue can happen anytime like, when Quicken is running or during windows startup or shutdown, even at the time of installation of the Windows OS. 

Quicken Error OL-221-A

However, you must keep track of when and where you have faced the issue OL-221-A. It will help you in identifying the root and removing the same as well.
Let’s proceed to the troubleshooting steps now,

Quicken Error OL-221-A Troubleshooting Steps

Before going for the solution, you must know the symptoms of this error. And here all the symptoms are shortlisted. Have a look,


  • The message “Error OL-221-A” appears to crash the ongoing program
  • Your PC gets stuck frequently with showing the same error message when running the same program
  • When your screen is displaying “Quicken Error OL-221-A”
  • Windows is lacking to perform and responses slowly to any input
  • Your PC gets frozen periodically for a couple of seconds at a time

No need to mention, whenever you face such symptoms be sure the error code OL-221-A has hit your Quicken. So, what you need to do then? Well, then you must know the root of this error and discard it. To do so scroll more and know the causes.


Many different reasons are there to prevent your Quicken from performing. The most crucial causes are,

  1. Corruption in downloading or incorrect installation of the Quicken Software
  2. If you have upgraded your software then, the recent change in the Windows Registry file can cause this issue
  3. Any virus, malware, spyware or boy infection can lead your Quicken to send you this error messages
  4. Deleted programs that are related to Quicken-files pr a missing program can be the root

So, you know about the symptoms and causes. Now, know the fixes. Here you go!

Fixesol 221 quickbooks error

  • Firstly, repair the registry entries which is associated with the error 0l-221-a
  • Next, run a full malware scan
  • Then, with the help of your disk cleanup, clean all the system junks i.e. temporary files and folders
  • Now, update the driver of your PC
  • After that, make an use of the system restore option and undo all the changes
  • Perform an uninstallation and reinstallation of the program then
  • Now, conduct the Windows system file checker
  • Try to install all the windows updates
  • Finally, perform a clean installation of windows




Alright, you must keep in mind that you should try these steps one by one. As in, try the first one first if the issue gets fixed then you are lucky enough but if it doesn’t get fixed then try other steps also.


If you need an expert’s help you can connect with our team. Leave a comment below and we will reach you in no time. Check other articles for more info.

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