Quicken Error Ol-221-A

How to Fix Quicken Error Ol-221-A? [Resolved]

The Quicken accounting software allows you to sync your Online Bank account details to keep a track of all your personal transactions. However, there are some cases where you might encounter the Quicken error OL-221-A.  This error generally occurs while downloading transactions in the Quicken software from the bank. One of the reasons that can cause this error is poor internet Connection or due to any kind of server issue in the bank. In that Instance, You are required to take proper measures to avoid this Quicken Error.

Quicken Error Ol-221-A

We will discuss below the possible reasons that can lead to this error along with the troubleshooting methods to fix this error. In Case, you need Technical Assistance to fix this error then you can contact Professionals at Quicken. They are highly-trained professionals who can help you in fixing this issue.

Quicken Error Ol-221-A Effects

These are some of the symptoms of the Quicken error Ol-221-A that you might face.

  • An error message will be displayed on the screen with the message “Quicken Error Ol-221-A”.
  • The Desktop will freeze with the Quicken error message.
  • The PC will start freezing.
  • The system will start crashing with the QUicken error message on the screen.

Reasons that Lead to Quicken Error OL-221-A

  • While trying to download the transaction from the bank, Quicken is unable to get any response from the bank.
  • Network issues can cause this Quicken Error.
  • Maintenance or server down issues can cause this error.
  • No response from the bank while attempting to download transactions.

Simple Ways to Fix Quicken Error Ol-221-AQuicken Error code Ol-221-A

If you have encountered this Quicken error then there is no need to worry. Below listed are some of the best methods that can be used to troubleshoot this Quicken error. You can follow these steps to fix this error easily.

Method: 1 Update Bank Account Details

Quicken Error

  • Double-click on the Quicken Icon from the Desktop and click on the tools menu.
  • Locate the One step update summary and then select the financial institution that is reporting this quicken error.
  • Click on the account register option and then go to the account action option from the top-right corner.
  • Click on the “update now” option to refresh the financial Institution details.

Method: 2 Internet Connectivity 

You might encounter this issue due to poor Internet connectivity or network issue. Hence, check all the connections to ensure the internet connection is working properly. If you are still facing issue then try contacting your network service provider to troubleshoot this issue.

Method: 3 Temporarily Disable Firewall

If you have tried the above methods and you are still getting this quicken error then try disabling the Firewall temporarily. You can again enable the firewall setting once the Quicken error OL-221-A is resolved.

Method: 4 Financial Institution Details

  • Open the Quicken software and click on the tools menu.
  • Go to the online center window and select the financial institution.
  • After this Press and Hold the CTRL key and press the f3 key from the keyboard.
  • After this select the financial Intuition you want to update and click on refresh option.
  • Now the status will be changed to Need updating. Click on send/Update and then provide the credentials.
  • Click on the Update Now option.

Method: 5 Quicken Software Re-installation

  • Press the Windows key from the keyboard and search program and features.
  • Locate the Quicken software from the list and click on the uninstall/Change option.
  • Follow all the prompted instructions to complete the uninstallation process properly.
  • Now open the Official Intuit website and download the latest version of the Quicken software.
  • After this, restart you device and then run the installation file and complete the installation process.
  • Now setup up your Quicken account by logging with your credentials and then check if the Quicken error Ol-221-A is resolved or not.

Method: 6 Run Malware Scan

If even after trying the above method, if you are still getting this Quicken error then try running a malware scan to detect and diagnose any malicious program that is causing this error. If you have a property rental business then make use of the Quickbooks rental Property manager tool to keep a proper track of your Spendings and expenses.

If you are still unable to diagnose this error then you may contact Professionals to fix this issue properly. They will guide you with the best possible way to fix this issue in no time.