Quicken Error Cc-502

Troubleshoot Quicken Error CC-502 [3 Fixation Methods]

Quicken Provides accounting solutions to manage your personal finances in the most convenient way. However, you might face some issues while using the Quicken Software which is very common with any software. The Quicken error CC-502 is one of the common errors of Quicken software that generally occurs when you try to update your bank account. There are several ways available through which you can troubleshoot this error. 

We, Will, explain below what are the effects of the Quicken Error CC-502 along with the causes that lead to this quicken error. After that, we have explained below the methods that can be used to fix this issue properly along with some measures to be taken in order to avoid this error in the future.

Quicken Error CC-502

Quicken Error CC-502 Effects and Causes 

Here is the list of the symptoms that you will encounter during the Quicken error CC-502. Learn about these impacts in detail to detect the Quicken error in an early stage.

  • The computer will start crashing while running the same program very often.
  • The windows will start responding slowly to your commands.
  • PC will start freezing.

So if you are facing any of the things mentioned above then it can be because of the Quicken error CC-502. Let Us have a look at some of the commons causes that lead to this Quicken Error.

  • Quicken Version: It is one of the common reasons that occurs when your Linked bank account makes some modifications that are not configured in the Quicken Version you are using. This can lead to this Quicken Error. Hence, In order to avoid this error, make sure to always update the Quicken Software to the latest release.
  • Online Account Details: This quicken error can also occur if the account details are not synced properly with your online account. You need to refresh the details in order to fix this issue.
  • Corrupted Quicken File: If the folder that is storing the Quicken Files get corrupted then you can encounter this error.
  • Server maintenance: If the linked Bank is Under any kind of maintenance and you try to update the bank account then you can face this issue.
  • Malware Issues or Attack: Always make sure to keep your system secure from any kind of malware or virus. Any malware attack can cause this error.
  • Installation Issues: this error can also occur due to improper or incomplete installation of Quicken Software.

Methods to Troubleshoot Quicken Error CC-502

Below we have discussed some of the troubleshooting methods that you can follow in order to fix this issue.

Method: 1 Quicken Software Update

Quicken Error


  • Start the Quicken Accounting software and click on the Help Menu.
  • Now click on the Updates option and check if there is any update available.
  • Follow the prompted steps and complete the Update process if any update is available.

Method: 2 Banking Details Synchronization

Quicken Error Code 502

  • Open the Quicken Software and go to the Account option.
  • Now select the error that is reporting the Quicken error.
  • After this click on the gear icon and press the CTRL+shift+N button.
  • Now click on the update option when prompted.

Method: 3 Quicken File Validation and Account Deactivate

    1. Open the Quicken software and go to the tools menu.
    2. Open the account list and click on the Edit option for the account that is facing the Quicken Issue.
    3. Now open the online services tab.
    4. Choose to deactivate option and click on “Yes” when prompted.
    5. Click on Ok to complete the process.
    6. Follow this process in order to check if the Quicken File is Damaged or Not.
      • Open the Quicken software and go to the files menu.
      • Open the file operations and click on Validate and Repair option.
      • When prompted Mark the validate option and press Ok.
      • After this choose the Save option when prompted.
      • After completion, you will get the Data_Log file. Here you can check if the file is damaged or not.
  • Quicken Re-Activation Steps
    • Open the Quicken software and open the tools menu.
    • Select the account from the account list and choose the Edit option for the account.
    • Now open the Online Services tab and click on Setup Account.
    • Provide your Username and password and then Quicken Login Credentials.
    • Choose the Connect option to log in to your account.
    • After this, ensure that you have properly linked the Account information with your Quicken Account.

Final Words!

So this way you can troubleshoot the Quicken Error CC-502 easily. You can also make use of the Quicken Cloud service to access the software from anywhere. you can reset or delete Quicken Cloud data from anywhere.

If You need assistance to troubleshoot this error then you can contact the professionals at Quicken. They will guide you properly to fix the issue in no time.