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Want to get your payments done fast? You can pay your bills with the quicken bill pay with just a single click. It is an online platform provided to you to make your payments easily. All you need is to set up your account, link your bank account to the account and add your payees. You will be able to pay your payees with just clicking on their name and enter the amount you want to them. This can be really helpful software to pay your bills. There are still some of the chances that you may face while using this software. We are here to provide you all the support you need if you face any issue with the software or the website. Our customer care executives are trained and will be able to help you with all the issues that you will face. 

Why you should use the Quicken Bill Pay Service

Before going forward how you should use our services, we would like to tell you why you should prefer using quicken bill pay over any other services. Read the below points to know.

  • It is a one-click service. You can add hundreds of billers and can pay everyone with just a click.
  • You do not have to worry about the bill arrivals; you will get an Email whenever you will receive a bill.
  • One of the best things is that this service is compatible with every bank. You can pay using any bank.
  • Total transparency is provided. Whenever you pay a bill, a receipt will be provided that you can check using our software.
  • If you often forget to pay the bill, you can simply set your settings to pay automatically to the billers using your preferred bank.
  •  We have both a website and software. You can use whichever you find best suited for you. If you pay using one of them, the details will be updated to the other.
  • This is the best way to pay your bills on time as you will always receive a reminder message in advance if any of your bills is pending.
  • The best part is that you do not have to wait to pay your bills. You can pay your bills anytime and anywhere, you just need your phone.
  • One thing we assure you is that your bills will be paid on time. There are no chances of late payments from our side.

Setup your Quicken Bill Pay Account- Quicken Bill Pay Login

quicken bill pay

It is very simple to set up your quicken bill pay account. You will need some of your personal information that you are required to enter when asked. You will need to have your account details and the security numbers for the registration. All you have to do is to visit the website of quicken bill pay and fill up a form prompted in front of you. If you are already registered with the service you can click on the relevant option and if you are a new user you have to click on the related option to it. If you are not comfortable using the website, you can use the software. You will be needed to repeat the same steps on the software to set up your account.

How can you add payees? 

You can add a list of all the people that you want to make your bill payments to. You can add any company or even an individual as your payee. You will be required to fill up the payee details such as their name, account number, bank name, and the address of the payment. There are some of the steps that you need to follow to add all your payees to your account.

  • Go to the menu and click on the tools option. There you will find an option with named payee list.
  • Click on the new option.
  • You will be required to fill up the name of the payee.
  • Next, they will ask you to fill up the address of the payee.
  • Fill up the account number.
  • Lastly, fill up the contact number of the payee.
  • Recheck all the details and click on submit.

Once you have added all your payees you can easily pay them later when you want to. You just have to click on the payee name and enter the amount you have to pay. You can pay them with just one click and no need to enter the payee details again.

 Quicken Tech Support Phone Number- Get Help



We try to make sure that we solve every problem that you might face while using the quicken bill pay. We have a separate customer support department that will help you to resolve every issue that you are facing as soon as possible.  Here are some of the issues that you might face while using the service and we are happy to help you with those. Check them below if you have any issues from the listed.

  • If you are not able to make payments or your payments are rejected.
  • You can contact us if your website or software is not responding.
  • If you are facing an error in your quicken bill pay.
  • If you are facing any problem while configuring your bank account.
  • There are chances that you are not able to log in to your quicken bill pay application or website.
  • You can contact us if you have lost your login ID or passwords or you have simply forgotten them, we will surely help you to retrieve them.
  • In case you want to create a new account or deactivate your existing account you can contact us.
    Quicken Bill Pay Website  www.quickenbillpay.com

If your issue is not listed in the above list, you can contact us for your issue. Our experts are trained and will help you with any kind of issue you are facing. You can contact us any time you want. We will be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do if I want to discontinue any bill payment?

If you want to discontinue any bill payment, you will be required to log in to your bill pay account and look for the payment tab. You will get the list of all your payments. You will need to find the payment you want to stop and click on the stop button. Further, you have to follow all the given instructions on your screen.

What is the subscription fee of Quicken bill pay?

People who have a premier plan or a better plan, the quicken service is free for them. Other than that, the subscription fee for this service is 9.95 dollars for a month.

Where can I see my membership expiry date of Quicken?

If you want to check the expiration date of your quicken, you can check it at any time on their website or the software. If you have quicken of 2017, your services might have been stopped.