Quickbooks Error 15106: FIX The Issue Using Seven Techniques

Quickbooks Update Support Error 15106: FIX The Issue Using Seven Techniques

QuickBooks is efficient accounting software that provides hundreds of features to help business owners and professional accountants. Trusted by millions, this software is famous for serving its clients the best accounting solutions. But unfortunately, this amazing software also has to deal with some technical issues out of which one is QuickBooks Error 15106.

You can see this troublesome error during the installation of the latest updates due to some bugs or errors. This issue immediately blocks the software to update the newest versions. This implies damage to the QuickBooks-related files.   

After receiving this nagging issue, your screen gets covered by an error code message. It reads: “The update program can’t be opened or the update program is corrupt/damaged. So, you can’t carry on your important tasks which will immediately affect your productivity, time, and cost. Therefore, you must start the troubleshooting process soon to avoid any unwanted issues.  

In this informative write-up, you will read about QuickBooks Error 15106 in detail, why it happens, its effects, and the best troubleshooting methods. Let’s start.

Reasons Why Users Get Quickbooks Update Error 15106

Reasons Why Users Get Quickbooks Error 15106

We know that it’s annoying when you get messages such as “The update program can’t be opened”. There are some reasons behind the occurrence of Quickbooks payroll update error 15106 and we will explore each below:

  • The existing antivirus in your system is blocking the installation process of Quickbooks.
  • Spy Sweeper presence.
  • Not signing in with admin rights also gives birth to QuickBooks support update error 15106.
  • Improper User Account Control (UAC) settings.
  • 15XXX Series errors also occur due to some anti-malware programs or Third-party antivirus. 

Fixing Quickbooks Update Support Error 15106 Using Seven Techniques

The error 15106 is annoying to tolerate because you get stuck amid your crucial work. Relax, with the best 7 techniques mentioned in this post, you will surely tackle this issue easily. Let’s get started:

Method 1: Making QuickBooks Compatible with the Current Version

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Tap on “Help”.
  • Choose “Update QuickBooks”

Update QuickBooks to fix Quickbooks Error 15106

  • Hit the tab on “Mark all” inside the tab “Options”.
  • Hit Save then click on the option “Update Now”.
  • Tick “Reset Update Now” and tap on “Get Updates”.

“Get Updates"

  • However, if the Quickbooks error 15106 is still bothering you then jump to the next troubleshooting technique.

Method 2: Log in as an Admin

In case you don’t log in with the username then you don’t get complete access to the data. This could give birth to this annoying issue. To prevent it, follow the next instructions:

  • Firstly, right-tap on the QB desktop icon then choose “Run as Administrator”. 
  • Now, provide your credentials and hit “OK”. If the problem is still bothering then jump to the third troubleshooting method. 

Method 3: Checking/Removing WebRoot Spyware Sweeper

Instructions to check if WebRoot Spyware Sweeper is running are:

  • Firstly, open Task Manager.
  • Navigate to “More Details”.
  • Under the option “Processes” locate Spysweeper.exe to verify if it is running or not.

To fix the issue, you can either remove or uninstall the software. For that, you have to access “Add/Remove Programs” ’and fix it.

  • To remove, open “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Locate “Spy sweeper”.
  • Now Uninstall it.

Checking/Removing WebRoot Spyware Sweeper

  • Restart the PC and install QuickBooks updates.

Method 4: Cease User Account Control

  • Hold “Windows + R” and open “Run”. Now write up “Control Panel” there and hit “OK”.
  • Hit the tab on “User Accounts” followed by choosing “User Accounts”.

Disable UAC to fix Quickbooks Error 15106

  • Hit the option “Change User Account Control Settings”. Choose Yes if prompted.
  • Going further, click on “Never Notify” and cease the UAC. If you want to turn it on then you can even set it to “Always Notify”.
  • At last, restart the system.

Method 5: Disable the Antivirus then Rename the Quickbooks Folder

  • Use the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys to access the “Task Manager”.
  • Then, right-tap on your antivirus. (For Example: , Norton >> norton.exe, Avast >>avast.exe)
  • Choose “End Task” and hit “Yes”.

Disable the Antivirus to fix Quickbooks Error 15106

  • Then, navigate to the folder of “QuickBooks Installation” using Windows File Explorer.
  • Note that the QB gets installed at the folder named- C: \ Program Files \ Intuit \ QuickBooks (year) \ Components.
  • Going further, right-tap on “Downloadqb19” or “Downloadqb20” and choose “Rename”.
  • At last, rename the folder by adding “OLD” at its end and update QB again.

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Method 6: Install QuickBooks After Uninstalling 

Step 1: Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop
  • Press “Window + R”.
  • Into the Run box, write-up “Control Panel” then press “Enter”.
  • Choose Programs & Features”.
  • From the options, you have to select “Uninstall or Change”.

Uninstall or Change

  • After choosing Change/Remove then hit “Next”.
  • Select “Repair” and click Next.

Select "Repair" and click Next.

  • Now, one by one, follow the directions popping on the screen to conclude the process.
Step 2: Renaming The QB Installation Folders
  • First, start downloading or run the QB clean installation tool.
  • Now rename the QuickBooks Installation folder manually.
  • At last, access denied errors. 
Step 3: Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Firstly, reboot the PC or laptop after closing all the programs and tabs.
  • Now create a window registry backup.
  • Then, uninstall all QB versions if preinstalled.
  • Open “Task Manager” and tap on “End all QuickBooks Processes” (QBCFMonitorService, QBDBMgrN, QBDBMgr, QBPESEVNT08R, QBWebConnector, or QBW32).
  • Moving further, rename the Intuit folders as Intuit. old.
    • C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\INTUIT
    • C:\ProgramData\Intuit
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser27
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser28
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser25
    • C:\Users\QBDataServiceUser26
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit (64-bit)
    • C:\Program Files\Intuit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit (64-bit)
  • At last, repeat the similar steps for “KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Services \”.

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Final Words

We believe that after following the above describe troubleshooting methods, you no longer will face QuickBooks Error 15106. Numerous professionals suggest these fixation methods and are efficient to tackle this issue. 

However, if you are in an unwanted situation where you need expert guidance then contacting Quickbooks Customer Team would work in your favor. Their toll-free number is accessible online and you can get in touch with them 24*7. The support team is capable to resolve even complex Quickbooks errors.

With this, let’s conclude this informative write-up here. Feel free to write your valuable tips, suggestions, or opinions down in the comments section.