Quickbooks Error PS077: Permanent Solutions to FIX! 

Quickbooks Error PS077: Permanent Solutions to FIX! 

Thousands of accounting professionals and business owners trust only Quickbooks Software for managing the financial tasks of their businesses. But that does not mean this incredible software is free from errors and bugs. While downloading current payroll updates, users usually stumble upon Quickbooks Error PS077

This payroll error should be treated immediately to prevent data loss and other harm to your system. Many times users don’t take this issue seriously and then face daunting consequences affecting their businesses negatively.

To avoid that, you must read this post attentively till the end. This informative article covers Quickbooks error PS077 in detail, reasons, identifying symptoms, and the best troubleshooting techniques. 

Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077: Brief Explanation

Quickbooks Payroll Error PS077: Brief Explanation

The foremost task is understanding what PS077 Quickbooks error is. Generally, when an error starts with PS, it indicates that it is a QuickBooks payroll error. This is why you encounter it while downloading payroll updates. After receiving this problem, your screen shows an error code message that says: “QuickBooks can’t install payroll tax table update.”

These PS series errors hamper the functioning of the software and pose threat to the data. So, fixing it immediately is the best you can do. Now. let’s explore the reasons behind Quickbooks PS077 Error.

Reasons for Quickbooks PS077 Error

Reasons for Quickbooks PS077 Error

Some reasons are responsible for this nagging error. The causes are:

  • When QuickBooks can’t read the information for the software.
  • Incorrect billing information causes PS077 and PS033 errors.
  • Damaged tax files in QB payroll and its components.
  • Outdated/invalid billing information.
  • Damaged or corrupt QuickBooks company file.
  • Your Software is not registered.

Signs That Inform About Quickbooks Error PS077 

Signs That Inform About Quickbooks Error PS077 

Some signs explain the occurrence of this payroll error. They are:

  • You can’t download the latest updates of QB Payroll. 
  • Payroll updates can’t be installed.
  • You will face trouble while working on the tax table.
  • The system’s performance becomes slow.
  • The moment you open Quickbooks, many programs appear randomly.
  • Quickbooks Error PS077 repeatedly comes on the screen.

Crucial Points To Consider

  • Firstly, users have to validate the subscription of QB Payroll.
  • Make sure to update QuickBooks with the newest released updates.
  • Users must confirm that they have entered appropriate billing information in their payroll accounts.
  • Check if you have one QuickBooks only in the system.
  • Have a backup of your QB company file before following any step.

Repairing Quickbooks Payroll Update Error PS077

No matter how complex this problematic error is, you can handle it with the help of this post. The fixation methods provided here are suggested by experts and analyzed properly. Let’s get started.

Situation 1: When You Have One QuickBooks Desktop Version Installed

When You Have One QuickBooks Desktop Version Installed

  • First of all, create a backup of your QB company file.
  • After that, exit from all opened applications.
  • Then access the “Run” Window.

For Users having Windows 8:

  • For this version, you first need to navigate to “Window System”.
  • Then tap on “Start”.
  • Now, right-tap on “Background to All Apps”.
  • Then access the “Run” window”.

For Users having Windows 7 and XP:

  • If you’re not logged in as administrator then tap on “Start”.
  • Then, hit “All Programs”.
  • After that tap on “Accessories”.
  • In the end, tap on “Run.”

For Users having Windows Vista:

  • Just tap on “Start” first and then type “Run” in the vacant box. Now carry on the following steps:
  • Access the “Control Panel.”
  • Then, reach out to the “Programs and Features”. Tap twice on it to add/remove the Programs.
  • If you have one version installed then don’t continue. Then, the QB installation Wizard will immediately open where you have to hit “Next”.
  • Select “Remove” and tap on “Next”. Now, you need to continue the steps according to the requirement.


    • To finish the update, you will see an option beside the error message for going online. For restoring the update, tap on “Yes”, if asked.
    • Sometimes, the error shows only one option i.e to tap on “OK” to go online. When you tap on it then the downloading process automatically starts which shows a similar error message.
    • Exit from the QuickBooks on every system if the data is on the server. You have to run the payroll latest update using the server only.
    • If you complete the update on the server, you will have to install other Quickbooks versions also.

Situation 2: When you have Multiple Quickbooks Versions

For that, you will have to install a clean QuickBooks version to make it work properly in Selective Startup.

  • For multiple QuickBooks versions:
    • Delete any additional installations.
    • Then reset the QB update.
  • After that, start downloading the current payroll tax tables.
  • Now Re-sort all lists and utilize the process of “Verify Data/Rebuild Data”.

Verify Data/Rebuild Data”.

  • Then, conduct a clean install of the software in Selective Startup.

Situation 3: When Billing Information is Outdated or Incorrect

When you provide invalid billing details then it can trigger the Quickbooks error PS077. This is why we recommend you confirm if you have filled correct billing details or not. Moreover, follow these steps to note down the QuickBooks license number

  • Firstly, tap on “F2”.

tap on “F2”.

  • Note down your QB license number somewhere.
  • Now tap on “OK” for closing the “Product Information” screen.

Additional Solution To Repair Quickbooks Error PS077 

The above troubleshooting techniques were mentioned according to the triggers, whereas the solutions mentioned below are some additional steps that can remove this nagging error.

Solution 1: Disable UAC

Disable UAC

User Account Control also is responsible for affecting Quickbooks and stopping it from updating the payroll. Follow these instructional steps to fix this problem:

  • Firstly, navigate to “Start” and access “Control Panel”.
  • After that write “UAC” in the vacant box and press “Enter”.
  • Locate and choose “Change UAC Settings”
  • After that, hit “Yes” and disable “User Account Control” by tapping on “Never Notify”.
  • Then you need to give admin user information if asked.
  • In the end, just restart QuickBooks software and attempt to update/download the newest payroll again.

Final Words

So, these are the advanced troubleshooting techniques you have to perform to get rid of Quickbooks payroll update error PS077. We have gathered up these methods after a decent analysis and research. Just remember to follow every step in proper order and one by one to get positive results. 

If the error still bothers you even after applying all the troubleshooting steps then you might have skipped a step or performed it incorrectly. We would advise you to contact Quickbooks Customer Support in such a situation. The experts are trained enough to deal with all QB issues and queries with 24*7 availability. 

We hope that this informative post helped you solve your query. If yes, then please write your experience below in the comments section to motivate us more.