Quickbooks Error PS033: Advanced Fixing Solution (Solved)

Quickbooks Error PS033: Advanced Fixing Solution (Solved)

Thousands of professionals and business owners trust only Quickbooks when it comes to streamlining the payroll process. The software assists the companies to generate payment for their employees on time and in an arranged manner. The payroll service of Quickbooks reduces the hassle and completes the procedure quickly as well as accurately. But it is normal for QuickBooks payroll to get infected by some technical issues such as “Quickbooks Error PS033”.

This nuisance error generally occurs due to a damaged CPS folder which makes it extremely tough for users to download any newest payroll updates. Also, users can’t access their company files after meeting with this annoying technical error.

Once your system gets this error, your screen will receive the message stating: “QuickBooks is unable to read your payroll setup files. [Error PS033]” or Quickbooks Error PS033 is encountered due to a corrupt file in the system’s CPS folder.

Handling PS033 Quickbooks errors can be a complicated process for all users. Noting that, we have come up with this informative article, where you will learn all about Quickbooks Error PS033 in detail, the causes as well as proven techniques to fix it.

Triggers of PS033 Error Quickbooks

Triggers of PS033 Error Quickbooks

We have already explained that the main reason for this problematic error is the damaged CPS folder. Besides, there are more reasons out of which few are listed below:

  • Payroll Subscription is inactive.
  • An inactive direct deposit agreement contains multiple active payrolls.
  • Damaged INI QB File
  • Damaged QB data.
  • Out of date QuickBooks version.
  • Incorrect Service Key also causes Quickbooks Error PS033.
  • Invalid EIN (Employer Identification Number).
  • Wrong company files PSID.
  • QuickBooks Desktop and the latest Windows version are not compatible. (Note: You need to check what QuickBooks version is supported on Windows 10)
  • QuickBooks Desktop’s status is showing as Incorrect number or EIN.

Point: If the QB Payroll subscription is not activated, then you may get this error.

Fixing Quickbooks Payroll Update Error PS033: Permanent Solutions 

You can handle this nuisance error with the help of the proven solution explained below. Ensure you obey these instructions step by step.

Basic Troubleshooting – Downloading the Newest QB Payroll Tax Table

Before applying the advanced solution, we would recommend o go through a basic troubleshooting step that includes downloading the current QB payroll tax table.

  • First of all, navigate to option “Employees” in the Quickbooks and then hit “Get Payroll Updates”.

Downloading the Newest QB Payroll Tax Table

  • Now, choose “Download Entire Payroll Update”.
  • At last, choose update and you’re done!

If this basic trick could not work then you can explore the advanced solutions.

Solution 1: Verify and Rebuild Data

This is the first method to rectify PS033 QuickBooks errors efficiently. Here you have to run verify utilities & rebuild them. The steps are:

Running Verify Utilities

Running Verify Utilities

  • Firstly open “QuickBooks”.
  • Navigate to “File”.
  • Hit the tab on “Utilities”.
  • Select “Verify Data”. Hit “OK”.
  • If QB doesn’t see any problem in the data then just tap on “OK”.
  • However, if QB found an issue with the data then you have to hit the option “Rebuild”.
Running Rebuild Utilities

“File”. Hit the tab on “Utilities”. choose “Rebuild Data”

  • Navigate to “File”.
  • Hit the tab on “Utilities”.
  • choose “Rebuild Data”. Hit “OK”.
  • Tap on “Save” to make a backup.
  • After finishing off the process, tap on “View Results”.

This step will help you diagnose the error. In case you find some data issue then contact an expert. But if there is no problem with the QB data then reboot your system via safe mode.

Solution 2: Rebooting in Safe Mode

Rebooting in Safe Mode to fix Quickbooks Error ps033

  • First of all, run a “Verify & Rebuild Data” in QB.
  • Then, you need to update the QB to the current release.
  • After that, reboot via safe mode and update the QB’s latest payroll tax table.
  • At last, you need to restart the system.

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Solution 3: Renaming CPS Folder

When the CPS folder contains corrupt/damaged files, then also you encounter this error. It can be easily handled by renaming the CPS folder. The steps are:

  • Browse the location of the file by navigating to:
    • “This PC”
    • “Local Disk (C:)”
    • “Program Files”.

Renaming CPS Folder

    • “Intuit” folder
    • Tap on the “QuickBooks 20XX” folder (XX Means QuickBooks versions year).
    • Choose “Components”.
    • Open “Payroll”.
  • Then click the “CPS” folder.
  • At last, choose “Rename” and write “CP SOLD”.

After completing these instructions, you need to update the newest payroll tax table to check if the Quickbooks Error PS033 is finally fixed or not.

Solution 4: Disabling UAC (User Account Control)

Disabling UAC (User Account Control)

You can tackle unwanted Quickbooks PS033 errors by disabling UAC from the settings. Follow the instructions to understand better:

  • Hold “Windows” and “R” to access the “Run” dialog box.
  • Write “Control Panel” there.
  • Hit “Enter”.
  • Inside the “Control Panel” choose “User Accounts”.
  • Navigate to “User Accounts”.
  • Choose “Change User Account Control Settings”.
  • After that, tick the option “Never Notify”.
  • Al last, hit “OK”.

After finishing the steps, you will successfully disable the UAC. Then update the QB payroll to see if the QuickBooks PS033 error is rectified or not.

Solution 5: Updating Quickbooks

When you update the QB software, it gets extra features and tools along with bug fixes that resolve numerous errors. Follow these steps:

  • If the QB is open, then close it.
  • Now open Quickbooks.
  • Navigate to “Help”.
  • Click “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • Now, tap on “Update Now”.

Update Now”

  • After that hit “Get Updates”. Press “OK” if prompted.
  • Exit from “QuickBooks” and then open it again.
  • Hit “Yes” if asked to install the latest updates.

After performing the steps, you can remove this nuisance error and continue your pending tasks.

Solution 6: Starting Windows Via Safe Mode 

Starting Windows Via Safe Mode 

On Windows 10/8

Have DVD installation or USB bootable devices handy. Now, follow the instructions below:

  • After advanced booting, click “Repair my computer”.
  • Choose “Troubleshoot”.
  • Visit “Advanced options”
  • Choose “Startup Settings”.
  • Hit “Restart”.
  • Hold “F5” to start “Safe Mode”.

On Windows 7

Starting Windows Via Safe Mode 

  • Hold “F8” once you restart the computer.
  • Press the “Up” and “Down” buttons in the option “Advanced Boot.”
  • After that, choose “Safe Mode”.
  • Hit “Enter”.

After completing the steps, you can easily access your PC and boot up which will help you eradicate QuickBooks PS033 error.

Final Words

Once you go through all the steps thoroughly, you will no longer get troubled by Quickbooks Error PS033. This post has closely discussed the PS033 issue, why it occurs, and the best troubleshooting techniques. We believe that the 6 troubleshooting techniques are sufficient enough to resolve your problem. 

However, if you are stuck amid any solution or require additional guidance then you can contact the support team of Quickbooks. The dedicated team can be conveniently contacted via call, chat or email 24*7. Just tell your doubts/query and receive the finest suggestions from the experienced team.

Also, if you have more solutions to this error, then drop them down in the comments section to aid us as well as other readers.