QuickBooks Error H505: Fix The H-Series Errors (8 Steps)

Methods To Troubleshoot Error H505 Quickbooks [Solved]

The importance of Quickbooks software can’t be ignored when it comes to handling the financial tasks of any business. Numerous experts, accounting professionals, and entrepreneurs use this incredible software to manage their daily company tasks like invoicing, payments, generating bills, etc. While performing such tasks, it is common to encounter some technical errors like “Quickbooks Error H505”. 

This is an H series error code that troubles you when you try to access your company file which is accessible on other computers also. You can also come across this problematic error while opening the file via multi-user mode. 

This issue immediately stops you from performing tasks on the company file and hampers your work productivity. To avoid such a daunting situation, we have come up with this informative post that contains details about Quickbooks Error H505, why it occurs, how you can spot it, and the best 8 troubleshooting methods to fix it. Let’s start with exploring the reasons behind this nagging error first.

Causes Of Error H505 Quickbooks

QuickBooks Error H505 Reasons

This troublesome issue appears due to various reasons. By exploring the root causes behind this error, you will easily apply the right solutions and prevent it from occurring in the future as well. So, let’s learn the factors responsible for Quickbooks Error Code H505.

  • Improper hosting configuration. 
  • Improper DNS settings.
  • The settings of the firewall are blocking the communication of your company file.
  • The database server can’t properly scan QuickBooks folders and files on the server.
  • QuickBooks fails to track the PD address of your computer.
  • Missing/lost or damaged.ND file.
  • QuickBooksDBXX service isn’t working properly.

Signs Of QuickBooks Error H505

Signs Of QuickBooks Error H505

Few signs can help you identify Quickbooks h505 error easily. They are:

  • The first indication is that you won’t be able to use multi-user mode.
  • The QuickBooks program window will automatically start crashing.
  • Also, your system crashes repeatedly.
  • Windows become unresponsive.
  • The system freezes periodically.
  • You are unable to access the QB company file on the server.
  • Your screen flashes h505 Quickbooks error fix messages.

With these symptoms, you can immediately realize that your system has caught this error. This will save your time as well as patience. Now, let’s explore the troubleshooting techniques for Quickbooks h505 error fix.

Fixing QuickBooks Error H505: Proven Solutions

You can fix QuickBooks Error H505 by identifying and fixing issues that are obstructing the connection between the multi-user and the server containing QB company files. We have mentioned the best troubleshooting methods below that will solve your problem without much haze.

Troubleshooting Technique 1: Using QuickBooks File Doctor

Quickbooks File Doctor is an effective tool that eradicates numerous QB errors in minutes. It automatically scans and rectifies the error once you tap on it. The steps to make it work are:

  • Firstly, check that your system has the latest Quickbooks version.
  • After that, reach out to the Intuit site and then download QuickBooks Tool Hub. 
  • Once you are done with the download, install it and then run it.
  • After that, open the tool and navigate to the “Company File Issues” section followed by choosing “QuickBooks File Doctor”. The tool will take some time to get downloaded.

“QuickBooks File Doctor”

  • Once you install it, tap on “Repair Company File & Network”.
  • At last, try to access your QB company file to confirm that the issue is finally repaired.

Troubleshooting Technique 2: Verify the Hosting

  • Firstly, open “QuickBooks” on every computer (host).
  • Navigate to “File“, then reach out to the “Utilities“
  • Now, if you see “Host Multi-User Access” available on the list then it means that your system can’t host the file.
  • If you find “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access“, then choose it.

File, utilities, stop host access

  • After that, navigate to the “Company“.
  • Select “File Must Be Closed”.
  • Tap on “Yes”.

Troubleshooting Technique 3: Edit the Host File

  • To start with, press “Window + R” 
  • After that, write “Cmd” in the box and hit “Enter” to access the window of “Command Prompt”.
  • Then, you have to write “Ipconfig/all” in the command prompt and hit enter. This will run the command.

Then, you have to write “Ipconfig/all” in the command prompt and hit enter. This will run the command.

  • The ending step is noting down the “Hostname and IP Address” anywhere easily accessible. You need to repeat the similar instructions mentioned above for multi-user setup systems.

Now, steps for Editing Windows Hosts File are:

  • First of all, exit from Quickbooks and tap on “Start”.
  • Then, choose “This PC” followed by opening “C:\Windows \ System32 \ Drivers\ Etc or C:\Windows \ Syswow64\ Drivers\Etc“.
  • After that, find the hidden files & folders, if you can’t find the windows folder then follow the instructions described below:
  • Tap on “View” and then click “Hidden Items”. Now, you would see all hidden files.

n “View” and then click “Hidden Item

  • After that, tap on the host file and select “Open With” then access it with “Notepad”.
  • Now, you have to give your IP Address & Computer Name. While entering the details, you have to use the “Tab” button in place of the spacebar to give spaces between the system name and the IP address.
  • In the end, save all changes and reopen QB via multi-user mode.

Troubleshooting Technique 4: Checking the Windows Firewall Configuration

Modifying the Firewall Settings

Sometimes, the firewall settings interrupt the access of files needed for the functioning of QB in multi-user mode. To adjust the firewall settings on your system, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, navigate to the “Control Panel” and look for Firewall Settings.
  • Now, click “Allow a Program through Firewall”.
  • Here, you need to add QB to the list.
  • At last, just restart the system to apply the recent changes.

In case, there is no issue with the firewall, then you might have to confirm that the ports are configured properly.

  • Firstly, reach out to the “Firewall Settings” and tap on the “Advanced Settings”.
  • Now, you have to add a ‘New Rule’ in both “Inbound Rules” as well as “Outbound Rules.”

Inbound Rules” as well as “Outbound Rules.”

  • In the end, you need to include the right local ports for QB.
  • Also, you need to switch on “Network Discovery”. 
  • The ending step is to confirm that Quickbooks error h505 is finally fixed or not.

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Troubleshooting Technique 5: Configuring the Settings of the Firewall Ports 

  • Open the Run box by pushing “Windows+R keys”.
  • From there access the “Control Panel”.
  • After that, you need to choose “System & Security” followed by accessing “Windows Defender Firewall”.
  • Then, tap on “Advanced Settings”.
  • Hit on “Inbound Rule” followed by selecting “New Rule”.
  • Choose “Port” and hit “Next”.
  • Confirm that the “TCP” option is chosen.
  • At last, fill the Port for a specific QB year version. For 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377. 2020: 8019, XXXXX. 2019: 8019, XXXXX. 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382.

Important: QB Desktop 2019 and above use dynamic ports while installation and QuickBooks, 2018 and previous versions utilize static ports.

Finding QuickBooks Dynamic Ports:

  • Tap on “Start” and find “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”. Hit “Enter”.
  • Then click “Port Monitor”.
  • You can find the “Port Number” for a specific QB version.
  • Here, you need to copy your Port number, to use it during firewall configuration.

Troubleshooting Technique 6: Creating a New Folder For The QB Company File

This step is efficient in fixing the error that you are facing. The steps are:

  • In your host computer, make a new folder.
  • Then, you have to share the folder followed by setting the windows to access the permissions to transfer the QB company files.
  • After that, copy the “.Qbw” file and paste it into the newly created folder.
  • At last, access your QB company files via multi-user mode.

Troubleshooting Technique 7: Making Use of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Running QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Your host system contains company files and assists you in sharing those files with other computers using the same network. In this method, we will use Quickbooks Database Server Manager from tool Hub. The steps are:

  • First of all, access the Quickbooks tool hub by clicking on the icon. (Check the downloading steps above.)
  • Then choose “Network Issues”.
  • After that, select “QB Database Server Manager.”
  • In case, you can find your company files then click “Start Scan”.
  • If you can’t find the file then tap on browse and search by its name followed by hitting on “Start Scan”.
  • Then the QBDSM will begin a scanning process and fix the error simultaneously.
  • At last, tap on “Close” after you finish the scan.

After completing all the steps, you have to switch QBs to multi-user mode to confirm if the Quickbooks Error H505 is repaired or not.

Troubleshooting Technique 8: Verify that The Services are Running

This is an important step because you can’t access files when the QuickBooks services are not properly functioning. You need to make sure that you can find the name of the server on each system.

  • Access the “Run” dialogue box and input “Services. MSC” there.

“Services. MSC”

  • Then reach out to the “Task Manager”.
  • Hit “Open Services” and find QuickbooksDBXX, where XX means the QB server manager version.
  • Then tap twice on the service name.
  • In the properties, you need to choose “Automatic” and then check that the service status is functioning/running.
  • After that, restart the service in the “Recovery” option for “First Failures, Second Failure as well as Subsequent Failures”.

“Recovery” option for “First Failures, Second Failure as well as Subsequent Failures”

  • At last, repeat the same steps for QBCFMonitorService as well.

Final Take

We recommend you to follow all the troubleshooting techniques step by step to completely fix “Quickbooks Error H505”. After reading this informative post carefully, we believe that you can easily handle this error on your own. 

However, if you feel the need for more guidance then contacting Quickbooks Customer Support would be best. The dedicated support team is 24*7 ready to help you come out of any issue related to QB. 

With this, it is time to conclude this write-up here, but you can write your valuable opinions or tips below to encourage us as well as other readers.