QuickBooks Error 6210

Quickbooks Error -6210, 0: Troubleshoot the 6000 Series Errors (8 Quick Solutions For ALL)

The QuickBooks Error 6210 is a 6000 series error that easily prevails in the system. This error occurs when a system other than the host server hosts the QuickBooks company file. As basic as it is in its existence, so is the ease with which it can be kicked out of the system. You just need proper guidance in doing so. So, we are here to assist you in every possible way to make your software free of errors. Be with us & we will learn together each and every concept related to QuickBooks error -6210.

QuickBooks Error 6210 0: Basic Description

QuickBooks Error 6210

This 6210 error exists when the user operates the QuickBooks application software in a multi-user mode. Also, your company file is not hosted on the host server but is being accessed in another workstation. You can get the error message read as:

“We’re Sorry. Quickbooks has a problem when opening the company file.  Review this helpful article on the Quickbooks support site to resolve the issue.  Error codes: (-6210, 0)”


“A computer that is not the server is hosting the company file.”

Reasons For QuickBooks Error Code –6210, 0

There can be many causes that can give birth to this error. It is quite important for you to first understand all such errors. So, we will begin with the reasons for its occurrence. Learn more below.

  • You can encounter this error if your company file is being hosted on any system server other than the host server.
  • The Corrupted and damaged downloaded exe QBs file.
  • Improper and Unclean installation of the software Quickbooks Desktop.
  • There might be a chance that the Windows registry related files can also be corrupted or damaged.
  • Threat activities like malware, ransomware, or virus attacks, etc.
  • Some important QBs files are missing, lost or mistakenly deleted.
  • Third-party antivirus and other apps hindering the software.

Triggers To Identify Quickbooks Error 6210, 0

QuickBooks Error 6210 Message

There can be many indicators that can help to know the presence of this error. The list is as follows:

  • In case you cannot open your company file.
  • The 6210 error text box blinks on the screen again & again.
  • Freezing of the Qbs operations.
  • The response time of the commands becomes high.
  • The software instantly shuts down from time to time.
  • The input devices like keyboard & mouse do not function properly.

Now as we know all the basic information of this error, it is just the perfect time to proceed on with the troubleshooting methods & kick the error out of the system. Read the detailed solutions below.

Quickbooks Error -6210, 0: Top Methods To Troubleshoot

Carry out the solutions as per your situation. Also, we advise you to always keep a backup of your important data files and folders in your system. The solutions are here below. 

Method 1: Ceasing the Multi-User Mode

Ceasing the Multi-User Mode

  • First, open the software Quickbooks Desktop & go to the File menu.
  • Under the File menu, select the option named Utilities.
  • Further, you now need to choose the option Stop Hosting Multi-user Access.
  • Next, this will disable the multi-user mode in the system except on the host server. 
  • Lastly, open the software QuickBooks & check for the ongoing prevalence of the error in your system.

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Method 2: Checking The Disk Space

Checking The Disk Space

  • Firstly, tap on the Start Menu and in the Run window, type up Cleanmgr.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • Moving further, the disk clean-up interface will come up. It has a display of all the programs & files that are occupying your disk space. 
  • Tap on the space that says junk, temporary, damaged & corrupted files.
  • You now need to clear out all the unwanted files to increase the usable space in the disk.
  • Lastly, you need to restart your PC.

Note: The junk, temporary & unwanted files take most of the space in your disk and should be cleared out for effective performance of your system.  

Method 3: Changing the Third-Party App Settings 

Many times, third-party apps disrupt the functioning of the software Quickbooks. So, you need to check whether your third-party antivirus is the cause for the restrictions in your Quickbooks software to function properly. If this seems to be the case, then you are advised to modify the settings of your installed anti-virus.

Now, look for the ongoing existence of the error. If the QuickBooks error 6210 still prevails, then you are out of options except uninstalling the antivirus temporarily.

Method 4: Backup of the QuickBooks Registry Files

Backup of the QuickBooks Registry Files

  • Firstly, tap on the Start Menu and in the Run window, type up Regedit.
  • Hit the Enter button.
  • Further, select all the registry entries related to QuickBooks Error 6210.
  • Now, from the File menu, you will have to choose the option Export.
  • Next, choose the directory location where you wish to save the backup of your QBs files.
  • Put up a name to the file QB backup.
  • Moving on, save the file name with the extension .reg at last.
  • Click on Save.

Method 5: Transaction Log (TLG) Files & Network Data (ND) Files Rename

Transaction Log (TLG) Files & Network Data (ND) Files Rename

In this method, we will help you in renaming the network data (ND) and transaction log (TLG) files to the extension .old at the end. 

  • First, open the software Quickbooks Desktop.
  • Next, use the F2 key to get all the directory details of the company files. Now, create a folder where you wish to save all the company files.
  • Select the company files that have the .tlg and .nd extension in their name.
  • Choose the Rename option with a right mouse click on all these selected files.
  • Further, you need to add a .old extension at the end of all the selected file names.
  • You have to do the same process for all the .tlg and .nd files left.
  • At last, sign in to the software Quickbooks Desktop & check for the existence of the error.

Method 6: Open the Company File Locally 

  • Firstly, open the folder that has the company file.
  • Look out for the company file having extension .QBW.
  • Further, with a right click on the desktop screen, choose Paste.
  • Open QuickBooks and access the No company open window.
  • You now need to restore or access the existing company file and go again to the desktop.
  • Find the company file, copy it and then open it.

Method 7: QuickBooks Database Server Manager Use

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Use

  1. Firstly, open the QuickBooks Hub Tool and go to the tab of Network Issues.
  2. Further, select the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM).
  3. Next, select the option of Start Scan to identify the damaged company files.
  4. Browse the company file location and tap on Start Scan.
  5. Reopen the QuickBooks software.
  6. Sign in to your company file once again.
  7. If the network data (nd) files give access to the company files from some other server workstations, then go through these steps.
  • Start with renaming the .TLG and .ND files.
  • Use the Windows & R buttons on the keyboard.
  • Then type service.msc in the Run dialog box.
  • Tap Enter and then go for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Service.
  • Restart all the services.

Method 8: Shut Down the Processes

Shut Down the Processes

  • First, open QuickBooks and you must be signed in as Admin.
  • Hold the Ctrl + Shift + Esc buttons together to open the Task Manager.
  • Moving further, navigate to the Users tab to see the option Show Processes.
  • You now have to choose the files namely QBDBMgr.exe, QBW32.exe, or qbupdate.exe (QuickBooks Processes).
  • After selecting them, click on End Task.
  • At last, try to open your company file in multi-user mode.

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Ending Words

This post is especially made for all the users looking to clear out QuickBooks error 6210 from their system. All the error basics and detailed solutions will surely help you in terminating the error at the earliest. We hope you admire our post and are now working on your error-free software.