QuickBooks Update Error 404: Know How to Repair? (Guide)

Error 404 QuickBooks: Know How to Repair? (A Detailed Guide)

Failure in synchronization of the system with the host server? Problems in the installation & updating process? Then you must have an error popping up on your desktop screen namely QuickBooks Update error 404. This is a basic error and can prevail in your system easily. It is also quite simple to terminate this error from your system with easy existence, but you just need proper guidance. To provide you with the perfect guidance, this article will be an asset for you. 

You just need to take out a few minutes and read with us all the important aspects associated with QuickBooks Update Error 404. Let us begin now.

QuickBooks Update Error 404: Basic Description

QuickBooks Update Error 404: Basic Description

We all know that the software QuickBooks is a management & accounting software but we must also know the fact that this software works through sending, and receiving data via the host Server Intuit. At times of failure in synchronization of the system with the Intuit host server, you can encounter the QuickBooks Update Error 404.

During the process of installation and updating QuickBooks, this error can also exist in your system. The computer screen will twinkle a message read as “Quickbooks error 404, QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to be closed, Quickbooks sync issue.” and they can also have various names as: 

  • Error 404 pages not found, 
  • Quickbooks service messages update error 404,
  • Error 404 QuickBooks update,
  • QuickBooks update error #404,
  • Service messages error# 404, 
  • Intuit Error 404, 
  • QuickBooks update error 404.

All the errors listed here are all the same & error 404 can come up with all these names. But all these names are similar to the QuickBooks Update Error 404. So, do not confuse yourself with any such names. Now, we will first read about the causes for the occurrence of this update error. In the part below, we will be learning the reasons for prevalence. 

Quickbooks Error 404: Reasons For Existence

Quickbooks Error 404: Reasons For Existence

There can be many causes that give birth to this error in your system. Learn below to know more about the causes.

  • No sync between the Intuit host server and the QBs pages. 
  • Corrupted installation of the software QuickBooks Desktop.
  • An expired URL is blocking the users’ service requests.
  • The crashing of the system. 
  • Damaged & corrupted QuickBooks-related files.
  • Installed malicious programs are present that remove the company files’ data.
  • The system components are not readable.
  • Damaged Windows system registry during the installation or uninstallation process of QuickBooks.
  • Virus, malware attack, or other ransomware activities. 
  • System Based Performance Error.
  • Network and connectivity errors. 

Detecting Error 404 QuickBooks 

Detecting Error 404 QuickBooks 

It is important to early detect the type of error he is encountering in his system for any user. We have listed the signs & symptoms that will help you in identifying the error 404.

  • The user cannot access the web pages from the server.
  • Banning of URL access from the web.
  • The constant crashing of the programs. 
  • The system operations are not functioning properly.
  • Error 404 code comes up as QuickBooks error 404, QuickBooks encountered a problem.  
  • The input device commands do not take the proper functions.

After detecting the error and knowing the reasons for its prevalence, you now will have to troubleshoot it at the earliest. Now, we will go to the solutions that will guide you to repair this update error easily. 

Error QuickBooks 404: 5 Solutions To FIX

The methods to eliminate this QBs update error 404 are as follows.

Solution 1: QuickBooks Update & Repair

  • The initial step is to open the software QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose the option named Help
  • Go for the tab read as Update QuickBooks Desktop within the help menu and click on it.

Update QuickBooks Desktop

  • In a few seconds, the process of the QuickBooks update will be finished. Now, you need to open your company file and move ahead with the work that was disrupted due to Quickbooks error #404. If the work goes free flow, then your error has been repaired.

If it still exists, then you can carry out the repairing process given here below.

  • Hold the Windows + R keys and open the Run window.
  • Within the Run window box, write down Appwiz. CPL under the search field to access the App Wizard which will give you a list of all the programs installed in your system.

Appwiz. CPL

  • Next, you have to access the software QuickBooks and with a right-click on the software, choose the options Repair.  
  • The repair process will start now. 
  • After the repair process, open Quickbooks again and check for the presence of the error in your system. 

Solution 2: Network Connectivity Check

Checking The Internet Connection

A major part of this error is with the problems in the connectivity set up between the web pages & host server. You must verify and keep a check on the bandwidth connectivity of the internet setup. For testing the connectivity, you need to do as per the directions mentioned here below.

  • First, go to any website frequently used in the default browser. 
  • If you are having difficulties accessing the URL website, you need to refresh the settings of the internet setup.
  • Once the settings are refreshed, no net connection available text will be seen, then you will have to switch the router off and on sometimes.
  • Restart the system and refresh the network settings again and again. 
  • Now you can be connected easily with the site but in case, if the above issue persists, then you need to connect with your Internet Service Provider  

Solution 3: Windows Repair Registry Use & Windows Update


  • First, you need to repair the registry entries of Error code 404 QuickBooks.
  • Further, you have to conduct a scan of all the malware and virus threats in your system.
  • With the disk cleanup, remove all the corrupted, temporary files & junk to clean up your drive.
  • Now under the windows system, navigate to Undo recent changes.
  • Moving further, delete the QuickBooks software and again carry out a clean installation of the software. 
  • Launch the software QuickBooks again and check for the existence of the error. If it still prevails in the system, update all the latest components related to Windows.  
  • At last, restart the system & you can now use the error-free QuickBooks software.

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Solution 4: Modify the Internet Settings

  • Click on Internet Explorer and use the tab Tools.
  • Under the Tools tab, click on the Internet options.
  • Further, you need to click on the tab named Security and go for the option named Trusted Sites.

Modify the Internet Settings to fix QuickBooks Update Error 404

  • Now, you need to go to the option Sites.
  • Under the trusted site’s panel, you need to add .intuit.com and .quickbooks.com to the option of trusted sites.
  • Next, click on the option Close and then hit OK.
  • You must be logged out from Quickbooks now and close the software.
  • Now, relaunch QuickBooks and use the option Open Company File.
  • Move ahead with your work to verify if the QuickBooks error 404 still exists or not in the system.

Solution 5: Configure and Check the System Settings

Configure and Check the System Settings

In this process, you have to configure the system settings setup. After this, the performance of the QuickBooks desktop will start becoming better and errors will be self-troubleshot in no time. Easy detailed steps are as follows. 

  • Firstly, sign out of the QuickBooks software and close the software.
  • Next, update the OS and restart the system.
  • Further, open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Tools menu.
  • Under the tools menu, choose the option Internet Settings.
  • Moving on, go to the tab Advanced and from the bottom of the tab, you now will have to verify TLS 1.0 and TLS 2.0 and then hit the OK button.
  • Switch off all the active programs running in the system background. 
  • Now, hold the Windows + R keys to access the Run Window.
  • Write MSConfig and then hit OK.
  • Choose the tab General within the system configuration window.
  • Under the startup menu, use the Selective Startup option.
  • At last, restart the system & you can now use the error-free QuickBooks software.


This article is a detailed guide for all the users looking to counter QuickBooks Error 404 in their system. Our content includes the basics, reasons for existence & the most important part are the quick solutions. All these factors will help you to terminate this update error 404 quickly from your software. We just advise you to carefully go through the solutions and in a few minutes, you will be a pro.

We hope you will easily counter all such issues soon. Time to part our ways and say our final goodbyes. For any further assistance, you can always contact us via call, mails, and chat support available 24×7.