Fixing Quickbooks Error 15311: Permanent Solutions (Guide)

Fixing Quickbooks Update Error 15311: Permanent Solutions (Guide)

QuickBooks is one of the leading financial and accounting management software that assists thousands of small as well as mid-sized businesses. With its incredible features and tools, this software aids organizations to make profits and save time. But some errors lower the performance of this software and force users to stop their work in between. One such technical glitch is QuickBooks error 15311.

It is an error that is related to the 15XXX series and it immediately stops you from updating the software and downloading payroll updates or updating the software. Also known as a runtime error, it is encountered when you try to install the program, start, or shuts down the system abruptly. 

After meeting with this annoying error, your screen throws an error code message stating: “QuickBooks update can’t be completed” and “Can’t connect to QuickBooks payroll”.

Users find it difficult to tackle this troublesome error because this error stops users from performing their daily tasks. So, if there is a delay in the fixation process then it will start affecting the system as well as crucial files.

To help you prevent such an unwanted problem, we create this post, to teach you all about QuickBooks error 15311 in detail, provoking factors behind it and the best troubleshooting solutions.

Provoking Factors Behind Quickbooks Update Error 15311

QuickBooks Error 15311 reasons

First of all, you must learn the provoking factors behind this problematic error. Doing so helps you apply the right solutions to it. Let’s explore each reason one by one.

  • Corrupt or Incomplete QuickBooks installation.
  • Malware or virus attack.
  • Some crucial QB files got damaged or deleted accidentally.
  • Corrupt QB-related Windows registry entries also lead to error code 15311 Quickbooks.
  • Company files have gone corrupt.
  • Also, the error 15311 Quickbooks update can be encountered when some antivirus or another software is interrupting the software update process.
  • Virus infection.

Signs to Spot QuickBooks Error 15311

Signs to Spot QuickBooks Error 15311

Sometimes it becomes difficult for users to identify the issue due to which they apply wrong techniques to fix the error. It wastes their time and hard effort. To help you, we have come up with some signs/symptoms which will help you diagnose the error 15311.

  • The error 15311 crashes the system’s active window program.
  • When you tap on Quickbook, the system crashes and fails to run the program.
  • The error code message related to 15311 and 15XXX Series appears on your display.
  • Your screen starts freezing and stays like that for a couple of minutes.,
  • Keyboards and the mouse don’t respond promptly.
  • Some program files open up randomly.

If you are also witnessing these symptoms then unfortunately your system has got Quickbooks error 15311. Relax, you will read the best troubleshooting techniques further to fix this problem forever.

Fixing Quickbooks Error Code 15311: Permanent Solutions 

You can handle this annoying error on your own by applying any of the proven solutions described below. 

Solution 1: Installation of Digital Signature 

“Properties”. Hit the tab on “Digital Signature” and confirm that you have marked Intuit Inc on the list. After that, hit “Details.“ From the Digital Signature screen, choose “View Certificate”.

Installation of digital signature is an efficient way to deal with this nagging error. The steps are:

  • First, press “Windows or “Start”.
  • In the empty search box write “QBW32.exe.”
  • If you could not locate the file then tap on “More Results.”
  • Now hit the Computer icon that appears next.
  • Locate “QBW.exe”.
  • Now right-tap on “QBW3.exe” followed by choosing “Properties”.
  • Hit the tab on “Digital Signature” and confirm that you have marked Intuit Inc on the list.
  • After that, hit “Details.“
  • From the Digital Signature screen, choose “View Certificate”.
  • Now, your screen will throw a certificate Window where you need to choose “Install Certificate”.
  • Continuously tap next until the option of “Finish” appears.
  • Now, hit “Finish”.
  • At last, restart the PC to allow the system to save all changes.
  • You now can easily open QuickBooks and resume your work, but if the Quickbooks error 15311 still troubles you then adopt the next method.

Solution 2: Checking Internet Settings 

Note: Make Internet Explorer your default browser before performing this step.

  • Firstly check the time and date on your screen’s bottom right are correct.
  • Tap twice on Time display” at your screen’s bottom right.
  • Correct the “Date and time” if needed.
  • Choose “Time Zone” then tap on “Correct time zone”.

“Time Zone” then tap on “Correct time zone

  • Check the “Cipher Strength”.
  • Visit Intuit website.
  • Hold “Alt” to open the menu bar.
  • Tap on “File”
  • Hit “Properties“.
  • Under connection, check the number, now phrase “bit encryption.”
  • Then, navigate to “Tools” >> “Internet Options”.
  • Choose the temporary files and remove them by clicking on “Delete”.
  • Navigate to “Connections” and tap on “LAN Settings”.
  • Tick the “Automatically Detect Settings” box.
  • After that confirm that the Proxy servers are vacant in case you want to use them.
  • Navigate to “Advanced” and tick “SSL 2.0” as well as “SSL 3.0“.

Navigate to “Advanced” and tick “SSL 2.0” as well as “SSL 3.0“.

  • If already selected, clear the box beside “Publisher’s Certificate”.
  • Then, come to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Uncheck TLS 2.0.

Solution 3: Verify Payroll Service Key

If you have an invalid payroll service then also you will see this troublesome error. Follow the steps:

  • Check that you have an active QuickBooks subscription.
  • Confirm that you have the correct payroll service key. Here’s how:
  • Navigate to “Employees”.
  • Choose “My Payroll Service”.
  • Then, tap on “Manage Service Keys”.

Verify Payroll Service Key to fix Quickbooks Error 15311

  • Hit “Edit” and confirm if the key is appropriate.
  • Tap on “Next” followed by choosing “Finish”.
  • At last, restart the PC after concluding the steps.

Solution 4: Resetting QuickBooks Updates

This is the last but effective technique to say bye-bye to Quickbooks error 15311. The steps are:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Navigate to “Help”.
  • Hit “Update QuickBooks”.
  • Navigate to the option of “Update Now” and mark “Reset the Updates”.

Update Now” and mark “Reset the Updates”.

  • Click “Get Updates”. By this, you will be able to download the recent updates.
  • Once you complete the above steps, just exit QuickBooks and access it again.
  • Come back to the screen of “Update QuickBooks” and tap on the option “Install Now”.

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To Wrap Up

We truly hope that you fixed QuickBooks error 15311 using the solutions explained above. This post contains the best four techniques to repair this nuisance error which include: Installation of Digital Signature, Checking Internet Settings, Verifying Payroll Service Key, and Resetting QuickBooks Updates. We are convinced that at least one out of 4 solutions will completely erase the error you are facing. 

However, if you want some kind of expert guidance then you can coordinate with the customer care team of Quickbooks. The team is easily accessible and can be contacted via number/email/chat. Just inform your query and leave the rest of the task on the experienced team.

Now, it is time to finish this post but we would be happy to read your valuable tips, opinions, or thoughts in the comments section below. Write to us!