Quickbooks Error 15271: Solutions To Repair It Permanently

Quickbooks Error 15271: Solutions To Repair It Permanently

Quickbooks software is the finest accounting software that is largely trusted and preferred by professionals accountants and entrepreneurs. It has incredible features and functionalities that perform all accounting tasks at your fingertips. But the software is also prone to bugs and technical glitches out of which one is Quickbooks error 15271.

QuickBooks update error 15271 occurs when you try to download/install payroll updates and when the software can’t validate the downloaded file.

When you meet with this problematic issue, your screen pops up some error code messages reading: You get one of the following errors: “Quickbooks error 15271 a file cannot be validated”. This error reflects that one of your files can’t be validated. 

It is obvious that, if it is an error then it will harm your data, system as well as business. So, you must take some necessary fixation steps the moment you identify it. 

This informative post is created to inform you all about Quickbooks error 15271 in detail, its reasons, impacts, and effective troubleshooting techniques. But before that, let’s learn why did this error occur in the first place.

Factors Causing Error 15271 Quickbooks Update

Factors Causing Error 15271 Quickbooks Update

Numerous factors give birth to this nagging error. We are going to explore each of them.

  • The QB software is installed improperly.
  • Corrupt downloaded file.
  • Damaged Windows registry gets due to any latest modification in the QB Pro software.
  • Some viruses have corrupt the Windows file system.
  • You also see “Quickbooks error 15271 a file cannot be validated” on your screen when some important QB pro-related files get removed accidentally.
  • Damaged/corrupt windows files.
  • Invalid SSL settings of the internet explorer.
  • Out of date payroll tax tables leads to Quickbooks error 15271 repair tool.
  • Incorrect configuration of Windows User Account Control settings.

Points To Note Before Repairing Quickbooks Error 15271

Points To Note Before Repairing Quickbooks Error 15271

Before proceeding with the fixation solutions, we recommend you create a company file backup for future purposes. Also, follow the next steps.

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks.
  • Then navigate to “File”.
  • Hit “Backup Company” >> “Create Local Backup”.
  • At last, carry out all the instructions popping on your screen and make a company file backup.

Proven Techniques To Get Rid of Quickbooks Error 15271

You can repair this issue easily by reading this informative post till the end. The solutions described here are proven and suggested by various professionals. Let’s explore each technique one by one.

Technique 1: Disable UAC in Windows

Disable UAC

✔ For Windows Vista:

  • The foremost step is selecting the “Windows” option.
  • Then choose “Control panel“.
  • Write “UAC” in the dialog box. Press “Enter”.
  • After that, hit “Turn UAC- ON or OFF”.
  • Now, tap on “OK”.
  • At last, reboot the PC once.

✔ For Windows 8, 7 and 10

  • Firstly, navigate to “Control Panel”.
    • For Windows 7: Select Start >> Control Panel.
    • For Windows 8: Write “Control Panel” in the “Start” box. Then tap on “Control Panel”.
  • Enter “UAC” in the vacant search field.
  • Hit “Change User Account Control”.

Disable UAC

  • Hit the tab to “Never notify” to disable UAC.
  • Tap “OK“. provide the “Admin password” if prompted. In case, you need to make more changes then restart the PC.
  • After that turn “ON” the UAC by moving the slider to when you need to be notified.
  • At last tap on “OK”.

Technique 2: Cleaning All Junk Files in The System

Cleaning All Junk Files in The System

  • First of all, conduct a “Malware Scan”.
  • Now, clear the “Junk files”. Make sure to include temp files.
  • After that, instantly update the PC device drivers.
  • Then, to restore them you need to use the windows system followed by fixing it as the latest system changes.
  • Now, first uninstall, then reinstall the QB pro.
  • Run SFC/Scannow i.e. “Windows System File Checker”.
  • Install all current windows updates.
  • At last, conduct a clean installation of the Windows OS.

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Technique 3: Changing the System Registry

  • To perform this step, apply a registry repair system to easily repair the damaged registry related to QB applications.
  • Tap on “Start” first.
  • After that, write “Command” in the vacant search dialog box. Make sure to not hit “Enter” yet.
  • Now, hold “Ctrl + Shift” and hit “Enter”. This will open a permission box where you need to tap on “Yes”.
  • After that, you will witness a black box with a twinkling cursor.
  • There you have to write “Regedit” and hit “Enter”.


  • Choose “Failure 15271” from the registry editor.
  • Select “Export” via “File”.
  • Now, navigate to “Save” and choose the folder where you desire to save the data backup.
  • Save the file and check that the branch is selected via export range.
  • After that resolve the malware contamination attack. Using the malware expulsion system you need to arrange the malware.
  • At last, delete all unwanted records from the system such as temp folders and files.

Technique 4: Updating QuickBooks to the Current Release

  • Firstly, navigate to “Help” and choose “Update QuickBooks”.

Updating QuickBooks to fix Quickbooks error 15721

  • On the “Update QB window”, visit “Options“, 
  • Tap on “Radio” to turn on the updates and hit “Yes”.
  • After that, hit “Close”.
  • By doing so, the software will download the current updates.

Technique 5: Performing Quickbooks’ Clean Installation via Selective Startup Mode

  • Firstly, press “Windows” and “R” to access the “Run” dialogue box.
  • Write “Msconfig” and hit “OK”.
  • Choose “Selective Startup” inside the tab “General”.
  • After that, hit “Load System Services“.
  • Now navigate to “Services” followed by clicking on “Hide all Microsoft services”.

Now navigate to “Services” followed by clicking on “Hide all Microsoft services”.

  • After that, tap on “Disable all”. 
  • Untick the option “Hide all Microsoft Services”.
  • Confirm that you have marked “Windows Installer”. In case, it is not checked then tick it.
  • Now tap on “Restart” from the option “System Configuration”.
  • Conduct an “Uninstallation” and reinstall the QB again after restarting the PC.

Technique 6: Checking System’s Firewall Settings

Another efficient trick to fix this error is checking the Firewall settings. The instructions are:

  • Open QuickBooks on that particular system that is connected to the main server.
  • Navigate to “File” >> “Utilities.”
  • After that check, that you don’t have chosen “Host Multi-user Access”.
  • Choose the option “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”.

“Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”.

  • Then, do the same steps above on all systems.
  • Check that the files described below have Firewall access:
  1. QuickBooksW32.exe 
  2. QuickBooksUpdate.exe 
  3. QuickBooksDBMgr.exe 
  4. QuickBooksDBMgrN.exe 

To Wrap Up

We truly hope that the above described top 6 techniques were useful to you in repairing Quickbooks error 15271. These effective methods are genuine and suggested by many Quickbooks professionals. We recommend you obey the right approach while performing all the steps.

On the off chance, if you are stuck in an unwanted situation or need additional guidance then get in touch with Quickbooks Customer Support. The experienced team can be easily contacted 24*7 via call, chat, or email. They will listen to your query and come up with the best advice. 

At last, we would request you to drop your valuable thoughts in the comments section below to inspire us.