Fixing Quickbooks Error 15240 Using Advanced Methods

Fixing Quickbooks Payroll Error 15240 Using Advanced Methods

There is no doubt, QuickBooks software is much better than the other software available in the market. Its features, tool, user-friendly interface, etc helps in performing financial tasks quickly and accurately. But it is also true that this software sometimes catches certain errors that annoy users. One such issue reported by numerous users is Quickbooks Error 15240.

You get this nuisance error while trying to update QuickBooks or downloading the newest payroll updates. It takes place due to improper security settings of Internet Explorer or Firewall misconfiguration. 

Two error code messages accompany this issue:

  • Error 15240 Quickbooks: The payroll update could not complete, HRESULT XXXXX
  • QuickBooks update error 15240: QuickBooks Update could not complete, HRESULT XXXXX

It is obvious that after getting this troublesome issue, users are restricted to update their payrolls and could not complete their work on time. Also, you must start repairing this error soon to avoid any uninvited issues that come along with it. What factors cause Quickbooks error 15240 and how to counter it? Let’s explore it all. 

Factors Behind Quickbooks Payroll Error 15240

Factors Behind Quickbooks Error 15240

The factors that arise this nagging error are:

  • Using old or outdated Quickbooks versions.
  • Incorrect time and date in the system.
  • Incorrect QuickBooks installation.
  • The software is not functioning as an administrator.
  • Expired Payroll subscription.
  • Misconfiguration of Internet Explorer Security.
  • Problems in Windows files permission.
  • Improper Firewall Settings configuration.
  • Damaged Windows file. 
  • Corrupt QuickBooks company file.

Fixing Error Code 15240 Quickbooks Using Advanced Methods

Fixing Quickbooks error 15240

Before carrying out the troubleshooting techniques, we advise you to have a backup of your crucial data to prevent any data damage or loss. Read the following points:

  • Open Quickbooks.
  • Then tap on “File”.
  • Moving on, choose “Backup Company”.
  • Lastly, hit the option “Create Local Backup”.

Now, move to the advanced techniques mentioned ahead. With a couple of advanced troubleshooting techniques, you can throw Quickbooks error 15240 out of your system. Let’s check them all.

Method 1: Verifying the Settings of Date & Time 

Verifying the Settings of Date & Time 

  • Firstly, hold “Windows+R”.
  • Open the window “Run”.
  • Write-up “Control” and hit “OK”.
  • Moving on, click “Clock and Region” then hit the cursor on “Date and Time”.
  • There, tap on “Change Time and Date”.
  • At last, save all changes and hit “OK”.

Method 2: Running Quickbooks With Administrative Rights

Method 2: Running Quickbooks With Administrative Rights

If you want to open Quickbooks with the admin credentials, if you don’t do so, then you may encounter the error 15240. Carry out the following instructions:

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Right-tap on QB icon.
  • After that choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • If prompted, hit “Yes” to enable user permissions.

Method 3: Allowing Permissions to the Folder of QB Installation 

Allowing Permissions to the Folder of QB Installation 

  • First, exit QuickBooks.
  • Now access “Windows File Manager”.
  • Reach the folder- C:\Program Files\ Folder then right-tap on the folder of “Intuit”.
  • Hit the tab on “Properties”.
  • Then choose “Advanced”.
  • Moving on, verify that the “User Group” has been set as “Owner”.
  • Now, tap on “Advanced Security Settings” then click “Change” besides the Owners section.
  • Inside the section “Enter the Object Name”, type the user name and hit the option “Check Names”.
  • Hit “OK” and tick “Replace Owner and Objects”.
  • Hit “Apply” and “OK”.
  • Inside “Permissions” choose “Users” then click “Full Control”.
  • At last, Hit “Apply” and “OK”.

Once allowing permissions, you need to try installing the updates once again. If the issue still exists then follow the first five steps of this method for the below-mentioned folders:

  • 64-bit users C :\ Program Files (86)\ Common Files \Intuit
  • C: \ Users\ The User Name\ App Data\ Local \ Intuit
  • C :\ ProgramData \ Intuit
  • And C :\ Program \ Intuit \ Files

Method 4: Perform Firewall Configuration 

Perform Firewall Configuration  to fix Quickbooks error 15240

  • Firstly, open “Windows Firewall”.
  • After that navigate to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Moving on, tap on “Inbound Rules”.
  • Now choose “New Rule”.
  • Tap on “QuickBooks”, hit “Next”.
  • Now after that, choose “This Program Path”.
  • Then, browse and verify that the following files have access to go through Firewall.
    • Qbupdate.exe
    • qbw32.exe
  • Hit the option “Allow the Connection”.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • At last, fill in the rule name according to your requirement and select “Finish”.

Method 5: Reinstalling QuickBooks via Clean Install

Note: This tool won’t work with the QB 2020 version. If you are using QB 2020 then follow a simple reinstall.

Uninstalling QuickBooks
  • Hold “Windows+R”.
  • In the empty Run box, type up “Appwiz. CPL” then click “OK”.
  • Inside the option “Programs and Features”, choose QuickBooks then hit “Uninstall”.

Reinstalling QuickBooks via Clean Install

  • Tap on “Yes”, if prompted.
  • Hit “Next” followed by choosing “Remove”.
  • Now, after some time, the uninstall process will be completed removing the software.
  • After finishing the uninstallation wizard, click “Finish
Now run the “Clean Install Tool”
  • Open Intuit site.
  • Start Installing QuickBooks Tools Hub once you download it.
  • Now, go to the desktop and tap twice on the Tool hub icon.
  • If prompted, tap on “Yes”.
  • After opening QuickBooks Tool Hub, tap on the option “Installation Issues”.
  • There, hit the tab on the option “Clean Install Tool”.

“Clean Install Tool”

  • Select the QB and product version.
  • At last, click Continue

Method 6: Updating QuickBooks Desktop

  • Exit QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hold the “Ctrl” key and tap twice on the Quickbooks icon. Hold down Ctrl, don’t release it until the software is open and you view the “No Company Open” screen.
  • Now, navigate to “Help”.
  • Click “Update QuickBooks Desktop”.

Updating QuickBooks Desktop

  • Tap on “Update Now”.
  • Choose “Get Updates”.
  • After completing the QuickBooks update, tap on “Close”.

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Method 7: Adjust the Settings of Internet Explorer Properly

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Navigate to “Tools” then choose the option “Internet”.
  • Moving on, click on the option “Advanced”.
  • Look for the options “SSL3.0 and SSL2.0” followed by marking them.

Adjust the Settings of Internet Explorer Properly

  • At last, tap on “Apply” and “OK”.

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To Wrap Up

With the above-mentioned fixation steps, you can throw Quickbooks Error 15240 out of your system. Always remember to fix this error soon to avoid any uninvited issues that come along with it. Also, read all the steps carefully and obey them in order. 

If you are still encountering this nagging issue then dial the Quickbooks Customer care number. The team is 24*7 available and sufficient to handle any kind of Quickbooks problem. For any tips, thoughts, or opinions, feel free to leave a comment below.